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A Man With A Disability

Bob has autism. For some folks, that might be enough to discourage them from grabbing life by the horns and following their dreams. But not Bob. Bob, an Eagle Scout, is a gifted woodworker and has found a way to use his gifts to benefit the community. He's using his talents to provide products for you to enjoy your beekeeping/gardening hobby.

Excellence And Professionalism 

When you purchase a product from Bob's Beehouses you are getting a professionally made, quality product. These aren't low quality  products made in a place you've never heard of, but rugged, well-made products made here in town. And when you purchase from Bob's Beehouses, you know you're not only getting a good product, but supporting a man overcoming adversity by working hard. And you can feel good about that.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bob is proud of what he does. Bob knows his products are quality made and will hold up well. If you are not satisfied with a purchase from Bob's Beehouses, Bob will make it right.

Community Involvement

Bob is a member of the Inland Empire Beekeepers Association and volunteers at the information booth to educate the public about bees.

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